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And practically no transport noise to speak of.

The bitch, as more than one person has pointed out, was the freaking real-time transfer requirement, basically plugging having to plug out from the headphone jack no line out on those models and into a sound card input. I don't know what the price of this thing is, but I'm curious, and I'm also curious about the sample rates and bit depth options. Anyone know off the top of their head.

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Because, frankly, I think Marantz has already figured it out. Check out the link below. The same folks who brought us the virtually indestructible, if also bulky, cassette recorder, have skipped past a lot of now obsolete media and gone straight to the compact flash card as removeable media, and like the Sony minidisks, they use standard AA batteries -- this is a HUGE plus when you're working in the field.

They've got three models out right now, the smallest and cheapest is the one I've linked to. Please note, I don't yet own one of these things, but its specs and design have impressed me.

Folks who record music out and about will probably want to look at its bigger brothers. If I recall, the sample and bit rates on the low-end model are audio quality, or perhaps a bit better offering something like 48mHZ, IIRC, but I don't think you can get anything better than bit on the low-end machine. Starting price? I'm willing to bet that the Sony units are cheaper. At least Marantz is going to rootkit you.

Ah, a new verb. I can't wait for its first non-tech application I forgot the way to do it with the square brackets. And, hey, the link works all by itself. That's a good move on Sony's part. Makes the tool a whole lot more useful.

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I'm still a lot more interested in things like this recorder , though. With FW, you could have transport controls in software. In my Sony laptop was able to queue up my Canon dv camera and automatically pull segments off, rewinding and replaying when it decided it was at the end of a content block, etc. Six years later, can I do that with audio? Minidisk quality is good. But it isn't as good as cd. It's compressed. Hello Ars, this is Skyler. I will be your dissenting opinion for today.

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Please be patient and read the whole post before replying and the appearance of disinformation will be complete. This is not correct. Audio is a much different beast than video in this regard. You record, archive, then process. Most people who use field recorders will budget for all of the audio they record and use what they need.


I'm still a lot more interested in things like this recorder, though. The M-Audio Microtrack has issues with phantom power, it uses the much more expensive CompactFlash cards, and it is crippled by one thing: battery life. You need a battery pack if you want more than a couple hours use of the unit. After that use is gone, no more audio. So they got one half of the equation right: removable data storage. But they didn't get the other half right: rechargable batteries. Lossless audio and no waiting for your files to finish being re-recorded. Let that perception slide.

You want to buy HiMD discs if you want the benefit of the new units. I agree. Rechargable AA batteries are the standard right now for field recording.

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Look, a GB of audio is still a GB of audio and when you compare the price it doesn't match up. If the MD Walkman is connected to Macintosh, disconnect it. Quit all software. Follow the on-screen prompt to complete installation. When the "Complete" window appears, click restart button to restart the computer.

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