How to open up windows programs on a mac

Start by downloading. After the download is successfully completed, go through the steps below:.

How to Switch Between Windows and OS X with Mac’s Boot Camp

Now WineBottler can be launched from the Applications folder. The benefits of using the app are obvious: it includes a variety of Windows apps that you can easily install. Web developers will appreciate running Internet Explorer and other browsers to test websites. As for the gamers, they will love the Steam app for running Windows games on a Mac.

Select among the available options to download, install, and set up the apps automatically. Wine is an open-source app, so other developers have used its free source code to build more advanced OS X apps for running.

About virtual machines

The emulator has received positive user reviews mainly for its ability to convert Windows apps into. The app installation is a fairly straightforward drag and drop procedure. It should be kept in mind, however, that the downloaded disk image consists of two files both of which should be transferred to the Application folder. Customize the installation by selecting the file you want to install and checking the Self-Contained box.

How to Run Windows on a Mac |

A self-contained app can be executed even on those Macs that do not have WineBottler. If a file you want to install is executable, check the Copy Only box. Consult Apple support to see which Mac models are compatible with which versions of Windows.

Windows 8 and Windows 8. To install Windows 8 via Boot Camp, you still must have a legitimate Windows 8 license from Microsoft and a Win8 installation disc, assuming that you have an optical drive.

Run Windows or Windows programs on your Mac

Run Boot Camp Assistant in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder to make sure that you have the latest firmware on your computer and to install any support software from Apple that you might need. This partition must be at least 30GB and can swell to the total free disk space on hand minus 30GB. If you have a Mac Pro with more than one internal hard drive, you can select which drive to partition. You can make an alias for a Windows program on the Mac OS X desktop, then double-click it anytime to open the program.

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By default when you close the program, the icon disappears from the Dock. Keeping a program's icon in the Dock provides a quick way to open the program anytime.

Just click the Launchpad icon looks like a rocket in the Dock. You can then click any Mac OS X application to open it.

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To open a Windows program, click the Windows folder and then click the program you want. Note: The Windows folder is available in Launchpad only if sharing Windows programs is enabled.


To move a Windows program from the Windows folder to a main Launchpad page, do one of the following:. To remove a Windows program from Launchpad, start the program, right-click its icon in the Dock, and choose Remove from Launchpad.