How to print timesheets in quickbooks for mac

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Back to search results. Is there a way to print timesheets for employees time data for one particular client vs printing timesheets that include all the clients that the employee has time data? Answer "Is there a way to include the expanded Notes vs just one line? Was this answer helpful? Yes No. Add a comment. No answers have been posted. This post has been closed and is not open for comments or answers.

How to Do Job Costing in QuickBooks When You Outsource Payroll

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QB POWER HOUR: Time sheets in QuickBooks Online + T-sheets for scheduling

I work for a construction company with about 60 employees. We use Excel to track time. The Excel workbook is massaged a little bit each week, then uploaded to our payroll processor, which prepares the checks and provides a journal entry to record the necessary entries.

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We record job costs in a manner that appears to be somewhat similar to what you suggest in this post, in that it relies on the zero-dollar concept. However, instead of creating zero-dollar checks, we record a zero-dollar GL entry each week. Management has expressed a desire to begin recording time in QuickBooks, The driving idea behind this is that the powers that be think they will be able to see a job profitability report with up-to-date labor costs — i.

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Can you help? After I figured this out, this method to allocate labor costs to a Job for clients who outsource their Payroll works like a charm. I have a real estate client whose employees get bonus on properties. First I run payroll for all her employees as usual. My question is how would I assign taxes under this bonus if I want to be accurate of how much of it is actually a payroll tax expense? I I hope i am making sense here…. Bonuses are still taxable income. I work for a payroll service provider and we have a client using QB contractor desktop. We have created QB formatted output file to match the clients needs for job , dept, hours and dollars.

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However, the client says the file cannot be imported. I noticed the output file segregates the data fields with a! Can you provide any guidance on this so we can help our client?

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It also matters that the Chart of Accounts categories match exactly, and you may see a : character if there are subcategories. You may want to look at Transaction Pro Importer as a tool that might help. Yes, Employees do need to be set up as Employees to use Payroll features. You can point it to your main Income category. Thankyou for this article. This is quite informative and interesting.

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Alicia Katz Pollock February 25, at pm. Hi Delcie, You can use as many rows as you want. Cecilia Cairns September 11, at am. Hi Alicia, I really like the process you have described for job costing when payroll is outsourced. Thank you, Cecilia Reply. Alicia Katz Pollock September 13, at am.

Hi Cecilia, Would it work to create several checks, one to break out each employee?

QuickBooks For Mac New Features & Improvements

Heidy January 28, at am. Thank you Reply. Alicia Katz Pollock January 28, at pm. Steve February 2, at pm. Alicia Katz Pollock February 2, at pm. Ted Clark April 11, at pm. Here is what happens on the second attempt with the same employee: I enter time on time sheet I go to write check and when I click on the employees name there is no pop up asking me if I want to add time like it does at the first instance Anyone please help….

Very frustrated, have been trying this for hours, Reply. Alicia Katz Pollock May 2, at pm. Tiffany Bastian February 14, at am. Alicia Katz Pollock February 15, at am.