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Wait for MagicJack Plus to send you an activation code via email following registration. You must enter the code using your telephone before you can start using MagicJack Plus. Follow the instructions in the registration email to activate service using the activation code. When complete, you can make telephone calls using MagicJack Plus at any time, as long as the device is plugged into your computer and the computer is powered on.

Method 2. Navigate to the official MagicJack Plus registration site on any computer or mobile device at www. The device you use must be connected to the same network as your MagicJack Plus. Follow the on-screen prompts to register your MagicJack Plus. You may be asked to supply personal information such as your name, address, and contact information.

When complete, you can make telephone calls through your router using MagicJack Plus. Method 3. Contact your Internet service provider to verify your modem allows more than one device to access the Internet if you receive error when trying to use MagicJack Plus. Try installing third-party drivers for MagicJack Plus on Windows 8 if you experience problems with installation on Windows 8.

At this time, MagicJack Plus is not fully compatible with all Windows 8 devices. Try using a new ethernet cable, a different USB port, or another computer if your computer or router fail to detect and recognize the MagicJack Plus device. In some cases, faulty hardware can cause problems with installation.

Try disabling your router's firewall if you are unable to successfully install and use MagicJack Plus, especially when the device is connected directly to the router. In some cases, strict firewall settings can interfere with connectivity. Only one phone at a time, but you can get a wireless phone system that has more than one handset. Yes No. This will cut the connection between your software and the magicJack adapter so you can safely remove it. Navigate to the "magicJack Knowledge Base" website see Resources.

In the Search box below "Type in your question below to get the quickest answer," type "Mac uninstall" without quotes. Click the "Search" button. An Answer page is displayed. When prompted, save the uninstaller utility to your desktop. Open a new "Finder" window and double-click the "Applications" folder. Open the "Utilities" menu and double-click the "Terminal" icon.

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Connect modem to router if applicable. Connect magicJack to router.

Check on your laptop to see if you can connect to any random website. If you can view a website, make a call on magicJack. Try calling again. Your magicJack AC adapter should be just over five volts, but it may be either under or over charge. The software should auto-install. If none of these work, check with magicJack chat support.

Im trying to find a driver for a majicJack bought about 4 years ago,.. You might consider updating it on a windows 7 or 8 machine — it should do it automatically when you plug it into the windows computer USB port. The firmware on the device should then be updated. You could then try putting into the USB port on a mac OS10 to see if the firmware will at least recognize the mac machine and upgrade for the mac firmware automatically.

Alternatively, contact chat support at my. That way, ostensibly you could keep your number from your broken device and put it on a working device. This is apparently no longer working with magicJack devices and finding the executable has become rather difficult, so the question may be moot. I have used the magicjack classic usb one for years, actually i use on windows 8.

You may want to hold off. Additionally, while some 8. You may have to reboot before updated firmware takes effect.

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Magicjack won t receive calls

It is without doubt that this Magic Jack one of the best thing happened to me in communication. I have it for the past year. Now I am having a problem. I am now in Egypt. Thank you. Error 23 means you have to reserve an IP address for your magicJack, assuming your router is directly connected via Ethernet.

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That way, whenever you connect your magicJack to the router, it will automatically use that IP. If you cannot reserve the IP, another method may be to disconnect and reconnect the power supply of your magicJack when you start getting the error. The magicJack device has no such password interface. Unfortunately, this means that when you log off, your magicJack will no longer be granted access either. Hi Chris, Greetings from India!

Since Feb I was having a problem connecting with MJ. After fixing it I decided to read the other hits and found your website. You have given awesome support to so many people with MJ problems. Next time I have an issue I know where to look :- Cheers. Are you using the app on your cell phone or the physical device on your ethernet with a corded or cordless phone?

Perhaps, if you can provide specifics we can get to the heart of the matter. Richard Wiker: I have a dial tone, but not really a connection since the dialtone does not go away when I press the phone keypad. The best thing I can do for you now is to pass your Comment and suggestion to Appropriate Department. Richard Wiker: THat is fine to include my name. Please email me when the fix is made. Richard, Thank you so much for spearheading this. I tried uninstalling MJ with Terminal Commands and restart, then reinstall and still no luck.

The app just continues to hangs on launch.

Free magicJack APP Launches on Apple App Store Providing Free Phone Service Nasdaq:CALL

Paul, Again, thanks for your comments. I can not use magic jack with El Capitan either and i have no clue how to fix this. Any suggestions. Cynthia, thanks so much for your comment. You and others are mentioned as a thank you on a new post on the subject. Hopefully magicJack will resolve this soon. El Capitan has been in beta testing for quite a while, so good luck. Reverting to Maverick or Yosemite is possible but beyond my capabilities. Hello from Mexico! Any suggestions as to what my friend should do? I thank you in advance! This according to Bob Brannon, another commenter.

Why not provide guests with a phone with the magicJack connected directly to your router? The new Mac OS will be released today September 30th, For the past 2 to 3 weeks my phone does not allow incoming calls. What I did was deleted the app and re-upload it it hoping that it would fix the situation.

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But it only made it worse. This is my only means to contact my family in the states. Is there some type of upgrade going on? How can I fix this as soon as possible? I need your help desperately.